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KB SAYS: Well I Never! Not only are me and The RMC launching the EP in Manchester at the iconic Night and Day Cafe on Sat. 11th Aug., but I am able to report - with full flushing pride - that the very special guest headliner is the magnificent Aziz Ibrahim!

Internationally recognised as a fabulous proponent of fretboard skill, and boasting Tablajedi, The Stone Roses, Ian Brown and Paul Weller on his incomparable CV, the great man himself will play an exclusive show at The Night and Day Cafe, Manchester on the 11th August - after a full Kingsley Beat and The RMC set.

What an honour!

You better get a ticket whilst there are any. (I'm making cucumber sandwiches for this one, I can safely inform thee..)Opening the party is the redoubtable James Holt; one of Manchester's most talked-about new artists.