Shelle Luscombe

Robbie Gordon

A man of mystery talented keyboardist Steve cites his influences as Randy Newman, Loudin Wainwright, Jake Thackery and Belle and Sebastian.  Outside of the RMC you can find his music on all good streaming sites.  Search for Steve Harrison and Friends.

Chris Hampson

Dave Graham

Tom Fassnidge

Robbie Gordon is the percussionist for the band and enjoys the talent and fun he gets from playing with Kingsley Beat and RMC .Robbie has been performing since the early 1970s in many different eclectic bands and is the granddad of the group.

Simone is a recording/mix engineer and producer.

After graduating at School of Audio Engineering in London in 2003, he started his freelance career working at Livingston and Strongroom studios.  Whilst still freelancing there, he used his downtime to research, design and build Slipway Studio - where he currently operates from. His life in the studio brings a great range of clientele encompassing a wide variety of musical genres.  It's been a fantastic journey working with Kingsley Beat over the past few years.

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Twickenham-based vocalist Shelle Luscombe is a purveyor of all things voice. When she’s not warbling her favourite covers in function bands, she’s collaborating on an exciting chillout music project or providing backing vocals for a wide variety of independent artists. Aside from that, she’s a voiceover artist, presenter and event MC. She also runs open mic and live music showcase nights, and curates the music for festivals and events.

Having long been a fan of Kingsley Beat’s music and with passion for harmonies, Shelle very much enjoyed sprinkling vocal fairy dust on several tracks on the forthcoming album.

Chris  is a multi-instrumentalist, music teacher and producer, with a wealth of varied musical experience in live music and in a studio setting. He began taking piano lessons at the age of eight and age 12 he began to teach himself other instruments, and now plays and teaches bass guitar, upright bass, piano, and guitar.

He has played, recorded and toured with a wide variety of musicians, from jazz quintets and folk bands to extreme metal bands and gaana fusion projects. As well as playing in the RMC he has worked with renowned tabla player Sanju Sahai, Devon-based band Dystopian Wrath, Doors tribute band The Doors Of Perception, award-winning folk rock trio Elias Martell and many others.

Steve Harrison

Simone Filiali

Dave has been playing the drums with Kingsley Beat and Tom since 1995 when they met at University and formed a three-piece band called Diamond and he has been in many other bands over the years.

His influences are varied but right now he's revisiting a lot of The Cure and states that Boris Williams was an amazing drummer for them as is Thomas Wydler from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Tom was born in the West Country and grew up in West London, where he met a pre-Kingsley Beat Kingley Beat. They accidentally went to the same university and formed a three-piece band, which decreased the likelihood that they would outnumber the audience at the small number of shows they played. He has now been playing with Kingsley Beat and the RMC on and off for more than 20 years.

Victoria Coren Mitchell thinks that Tom looks like Dr Spaceman from 30 Rock.